INMM UIT in the 56 INMM Annual Meeting in California-USA

The Institute of Nuclear Materials Management hosted this summer its 56th Annual Meeting at the Hotel Renaissance Esmeralda, Indian Wells, CA from 12 to 16 July 2015. This Meeting brings the Student and Professional Chapters that exists around the Globe from different countries to exchanges experiences, and benefit from the presences of the International Committee in all fields related to the Management of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials.

The University of Ibn Tofail-Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Student Chapter (UIT-INMM SC) participated to this Annual Meeting to show its achievements and the events organized by the chapter and finally to share its future Action Plan and challenges raised for the next year.

  • The First Day(12 July 2015)

Participants discussing scenarios during NSITE organized by PNSRepresentatives from UIT-INMM Student Chapter participated to train the trainer for Nuclear Security Insider Threat Exercise (NSITE) that was organized by the U.S. Department of State Partnership for Nuclear Security (PNS) in which the attendees received the lectures on the Insider motivation and description of unusual behavior of potential Insider. Moreover the participants got a description of, the facility developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the roles of the employees at the facility and movement of the these employees throughout the day and their level of access. The last part of the exercise was to assign to the participants a develop a scenario to perform an act of sabotage or theft of Nuclear Material that is present at the nuclear Facility. by the end of these training, each chapter got the materials (Map of the facility) to perform these exercise in their institute and share this experience with their colleagues or students.

In the evening, we’ve joined the president’s reception in which the president of INMM gave a speech to welcome the participants of 56th INMM Annual Meeting in the exhibition hall.

  • The Second Day (13 July 2015)

56inmm2In the morning of the second day we participated to the session D, “Nuclear Security and Physical Protection: Security Culture: university and Country Experience” in which the UIT-INMM SC presented its joint paper with the University Gadjah Mada Student Chapter. The Paper is comparative study between Morocco and Indonesia about the Nuclear security Culture at their universities.

In the afternoon we attended the session F, “Nuclear Security and Physical Protection: Applied Security Culture. During this session the Moroccan Student Chapter in collaboration with the Institute of Nuclear Security University of Tennessee shared their joint work about the development of Culture Factors Matrix for Human Reliability and Nuclear Security Culture Applications.

Late in the afternoon, The U.S. Department of State Partnership for Nuclear Security organized INMM International Chapter Reception, in which the representatives of Non-US Chapters gave a five minutes speech, that highlights their activities during the last year and their actions to sustain their chapter in addition of their future actions. Furthermore the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) hosted in parallel a ceremony to gave certificates to the students and professionals whom complete the WINS Academy.

56inmm1UIT-INMM SC took benefit from this occasion to share with the attendees their promotional tools that are a key ring and a brochure that highlight the objectives of the Moroccan student Chapter as well as their actions and a Nuclear Security Culture stickers developed by their members.

In the evening we attended the International Social organized by the University of Tennessee, Institute of Nuclear Security (INS) , and Texas A&M University. this event was a great opportunity that gather the students and professionals from the 35 existed INMM Chapters to discuss with each other and find out a further collaboration.

  • The Third Day( 14 July 2015)

In The third day of this Annual Meeting, We attended Session C: “Nuclear Security and Physical Protection: Design Basis threat and Cyber Security”, also we were invited to the PNS Workshop ” INMM Chapter Development Working Lunch”. During this session we received a lectures on how to sustain the student chapters and  how to reach the goals designed by each student Chapter. Also we were invited to develop the timeline of our Student Chapter and designing the goals and objectives aimed in the following year. Finally CRDF and INMM discussed in a roundtable and shared with us the resources available in order support our Chapter.

  • The Fourth Day( 15 July 2015)

In the morning we attended the session F “Education and Training: Education and Training Programs and Exercises”. Also late in the morning we’ve had the chance to see the posters developed by different universities and chapters. After lunch we were invited to the Panel organized by PNS titled: “International Perspectives on Trustworthiness Programs”. In this panel we had the opportunity to see the experience of a couple of countries in integrating the trustworthiness programs and human Reliability program such as Nigeria, south Korea and Indonesia as well as their progress in the implementation of Trustworthiness Program.

  • The Fifth Day( 16 July 2015)

In the last day of the Annual Meeting, UIT-INMM Faculty Advisor took the floor to present at the Session E: “Education and Training: International Partnership in Education and Training”, and we attended the session F “Nuclear Security and Physical Protection: Nuclear Security and Capacity Building”.

the last session was Chapter Presidents and  faculty Advisor Annual Meeting organized by the president of Chapters Relation Committee (CRC). This session started with a welcome and introduction of all participants and short feedback from the INMM CRC meeting on 14th July 2015.Then we moved to the proposed actions by groups of INMM Chapters and Plans for Upcoming year, a feedback from newly INMM Chapters so as to provide a better experience for INMM members in NON- US Chapters, and finally the president of CRC shared with us information on few other international networks and funding schemes of relevance to the INMM chapters such as EU CBRN centers of Excellence IAEA Nuclear Security Support Centers, as well as a small presentation on NuSaSEt capabilities and use for INMM Chapters.



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